National Referees Coordinator

Fred Isajenko

- 1972  - joined Twin Dragon Kung Fu Club
 - Hung Gar, Do Pai and Choy Lay Fut style Kung Fu
 - full-contact Kickboxing starting in 1975
- 1977  - moved to Brampton and joined Bramalea Boxing Club
 - studied Fencing at Sheridan College
- 1979  - moved to Calgary - studied Fencing and Kendo
- 1984  - returned to Toronto and Twin Dragon Kung Fu and Kickboxing Club
- 1986  - Twin Dragons began promoting Professional Kickboxing
 - Event Coordinator for 30 shows
 - began writing for MAFP (alternately known as Martial Arts Free Press or Martial Arts Fitness and Profiles)
 - fight show reviews
 - interviews (Cynthia Rothrock and Don "The Dragon" Wilson)
 - attended Seminars (Cesar Borkowski, Benny "the Jet" Urquidez, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and "The Iceman" Jean Yves Theriault) as a student and reporter
- 1988  - began teaching at the Twin Dragon Club
- 1996  - received Red Sash (Sifu Rank)
- 1999  - began training with Sifu Philipman Chow, World-leading Seven Star Praying Mantis instructor
- 2001  - Level 1 Coaching at Seneca College
- 2003  - retired from teaching at Twin Dragon Club - continued to train
- 2007  - joined CASK (the Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing)
 - Level I and II Official training
- 2009  - Twin Dragon Club began promoting Amateur Kickboxing shows (12 in 4 years)
 - worked as Head Official and Event coordinator (began training Referees and Judges)
- 2010  - achieved 3rd degree Black Belt in Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu
- 2013  - joined WKF Canada (World Kickboxing Federation) as Head Official
 - taught Referee Seminars (3 times)
 - travelled to Budapest, Hungary, to attend International Officials Course
 - earned the rank of A Level International Official
 - was asked to join the International Rules Committee and represent Canada
 - supervised over 20 Amateur Kickboxing Shows in 2 years

Recently Fred retired from his day job as a Highway designer (specializing in Roundabouts) and moved to Guelph Ontario.

He currently splits his training time between Shamoun Generation of Martial Arts in Waterloo, K1 Kickboxing in Burlington and (of course) Twin Dragon North Kickboxing Club in Toronto.