Patrick Lavallée, President

GCO / WKU is the youngest association that is the fastest growing in the world. Since 2012, the association operates under the new name of GCO/WKU. We are the successor of the organization WKA founded in the early '70s. The organization now has more than 100 countries and covers members from all age groups from child to oldtimers. It includes the same competitors, organizers and even referees. The same database is also used, which is why your member’s numbers ( MAP) were unchanged , even after the name change .

GCO/WKU represente positive values such as the 8 stars on our logo:1. Discipline 2. Self-control 3. Respect 4. Concentration 5. Courage 6. Loyalty 7. The fighting spirit 8. Force. With more than 1,100 participants and 38 world countries, this year in Spain was a great success and already, confirmations can make us believe that the Championships next year will be even bigger! Our next World Championships will be held in Orlando, Florida from September 23-30. On the Canadian level, the National qualifications will be held at the same location ; at the Bell Complex in Boisbriand on June 11th and 12th. We wish for the coming years, that this event will be held earlier. You can proceed with registration by visiting our website at www.WKUCanada.com . The site will be operational in March. This year, the kickboxing full contact and low kick divisions will be represented.

Still on the Canadian level , we are working on setting up a circuit for competitions. The circuit looks like professionals want to be more inclusive in Canada ! Already some competitions have joined us and we are already negotiating for a competition in the Maritimes and Alberta ! If you are a developer and would be interested in our circuit, do not hesitate to contact me.